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Fostering @ Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary

How Do I Apply To Become A Foster?

If you are interested in fostering, please apply here


What Is The Application Process Like?

We process all foster applications by screening submitted applications, checking 2 references (non-family), checking vet references (if you own another animal or have owned another animal in the past few years), and commonly conducting a home visit to make sure that your home environment is safe. Our process is thorough and extensive, as we are looking for dedicated fosters who are committed and willing to work through both the challenges (and fun!) of fostering. As we are a small, all-volunteer organization, the process can take 1-3 weeks.


How Do I Get A Foster Dog or Cat?

You can sign up for the foster dog of your choice, though we place animals where we believe they are best fit (e.g. allergies, size restrictions, training needs, availability of foster, health needs, etc.). You can begin fostering an animal after you have gone through the application process and are fully approved. Often, you can find animals who need foster on our Facebook Page.


What Do I Need To Prepare In Advance Before My Foster Arrives?

Higher Ground will provide some initial necessities by request, including a collar, leash, harness/martingale, and a crate if you need one. Generally, fosters buy food, treats, and toys for their foster animals, though we do sometimes get food donations that we share with our fosters.


What Are Things That I May Have To Deal With When Fostering?

Each and every foster animal is completely different. Because some animals are coming from kill shelters or local reservations as strays, fosters may have to work through many different things, ranging from separation anxiety, fear of the city, housetraining, etc. We have many experienced fosters and mentors who can help you with these challenges, as long as you are willing to work through it!


I Want To Foster-To-Adopt. Can I Do That? If So, How Do I Do That?

Applying to be a foster through our foster program is applying to foster on a temporary basis only. If you are interested in fostering-to-adopt, please apply through our adoption application. Foster-to-adopts are considered on a case-by-case basis only and can be discussed with the adoption team.


What About Health Issues? Should I Be Prepared To Deal With This?

All of our dogs will be fully vetted and spayed/neutered when they arrive. If there are any known health issues, you will be notified in advance. We will make sure that you are comfortable dealing with any additional issues that the pup may have.


How Long Do I Foster An Animal For?

To provide for as much stability as possible, we ask that you keep the foster until they are adopted. This can range from a couple of days to a couple of months, depending on how quickly an animal is adopted. However, if you notify the foster team in advance of any dates that you are unable to foster, we will try to make appropriate arrangements to move the animal to another foster. Last minute requests are very hard to fulfill, as we pull animals based on the number of fosters that are available. 


How Can I Help My Foster Get Adopted? 

We actively advertise our foster dogs through social media, adoption events, and other media outlets to help their adoption prospects, but your efforts in the promotion of your foster can help them get adopted! We love it when fosters can help us get the word out so that our fosters get the promotion that they deserve.





We would like to thank Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue for inspiring our foster FAQ and Application pages.

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